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Tretton says Move is "an extension"

"Not a replacement."

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Sony America boss Jack Tretton has described PlayStation Move as "an extension of what already exists, not a replacement".

"The key is choice for the consumer. We don't want to force motion gaming down their throat," Tretton told G4TV (thanks VG247) during last week's PlayStation Move unveiling.

"So for the shooter fan that says, 'You know, love what you do with motion gaming, but I like my DualShock experience,' that's going to be there for them.

"The great thing about this motion gaming is an add-on, an enhancement, an extension of what already exists, not a replacement."

PlayStation Move is due out this autumn and Sony has promised to support it with "more than 20" first party titles by next March, and said that 36 game companies are signed up making new titles that support it.

When asked about the controller's launch line-up, Tretton alluded again to more reveals at E3 in June and said he needed to "keep our powder dry" regarding specifics for the time being.

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