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Trans Twitch streamer Keffals in hiding after doxxing attack follows swatting incident

"This needs to stop."

Trans Twitch streamer Clara "Keffals" Sorrenti has been doxxed following a swatting incident earlier this month.

Sorrenti posted a video after the event describing how she was "terrorised" by police when they arrived at her home with assault rifles.

She's since moved to a hotel but has now been doxxed by a transphobic hate group known as Kiwi Farms.

Things have escalated. Now I'm in hiding.

Sorrenti shared an innocuous photo on her Discord server of her cat in the hotel room she was staying at. Her harassers obtained this photo and cross-referenced the bedsheets with local hotels before identifying the address and ordering a number of pizza deliveries under her deadname to prove knowledge of her whereabouts.

"Obviously, it isn't the pizzas that are the problem, but it's the threat that they make, that they know where I live and are willing to act on it in the real world," said Sorrenti in a new video.

Sorrenti and her fiance are now living in a new, undisclosed location.

The Hate Crime Division of the London Police Services has acknowledged the attack and are investigating the incident as criminal harassment to track down the IP address of the perpetrators. This is being investigated as connected to the previous incident.

Sorrenti also detailed how her address had been narrowed down to two locations by users of the transphobic harassment forum Kiwi Farms.

SWAT teams were sent to both locations, the other being the home of an elderly Italian man with the same surname.

"I've since talked to the elderly Italian man who shares my last name and lived at the address that got swatted in Toronto," said Sorrenti. "He had nothing to do with this and innocent people are being hurt in an attempt to hurt me. This needs to stop."

She continued: "I have been the target of an intense harassment campaign now for several months", before noting how friends, family, and people only loosely associated with her have been doxxed or swatted in an attempt to terrorise her. This is all part of the same police investigation.

"I have essentially had to go into hiding for my own safety," she said. "I do not want to live with the constant fear of being located and having threats escalate against me, putting my life at risk as well as the lives of people I care about."

Through her GoFundMe page, Sorrenti is now able to keep herself safe until she can secure a new place to live.

"I cannot thank you all enough for giving me this opportunity that so many other people did not have," she said.

Now she's pursuing legal action to seek justice for herself. Any more funds added to her campaign will go strictly towards legal aid.

Sorrenti was personally called by London Police Services' Chief Steve Williams who apologised for the terrorising treatment Sorrenti received when swatted.

Sorrenti said she would not accept this apology "unless he and London Police Service are willing to work with me to the best of their ability in order to catch the swatter and also the people who provided all of the information that the swatter needed in order to mobilise the emergency response team of the London Police Service in an attempt to harm me."

As the London Police Services are taking the threats seriously, Sorrenti is "willing to work with them to the best of [her] ability".

In the video, Sorrenti is thankful for the support she's received and defiant against her harassers.

"There's been a tremendous outpouring of support and news of what happened to me went international. Despite how much I've gone through, seeing all of that support made me feel significantly less alone during one of the most stressful periods in my entire life.

"I just want you all to know that I never plan to back down. I am never going to go away. I am going to continue fighting. Like I said in an interview with Global News, if they really want to stop me, the next time, they better manipulate the police into pulling the trigger, because I am going nowhere."

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