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Towerfall dev's next game Celeste recalls Super Meat Boy

A precision platformer about climbing a mountain.

Towerfall developer Matt Thorson has announced his next game, a mountain climbing platformer called Celeste.


Due in 2017, there's already a playable prototype you can check out in your browser.

Made in only four days, this embryonic version of Celeste is very basic, but it gets the point across. Like Super Meat Boy before it, Celeste is a series of small platforming challenges. You're limited to only two moves: jump and dash. After performing a dash your character's hair turns blue, signifying that you're out of gas. However, if you acquire a balloon you'll be granted a second dash before touching the ground.

There's also score-chasing component to it with collectible strawberries that can only be acquired if you don't dash. Once you do, they'll fly away.

Thorson is developing Celeste with artist Noel Barry, who is working on the upcoming PS4 and PC adventure Skytorn.

No platforms have been announced yet, but here's a few images invoking its chilly mood:

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