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Total War: Shogun 2 demo announced

SEGA offers sneak peak at strategy epic.

PC strategy sequel Total War: Shogun 2 gets a demo next week, publisher SEGA has announced.

You'll be able to test your skills on the game's new campaign map from 22nd February, via Steam. The full game then launches its assault on stores from 15th March.

The last entry in the franchise, Napoleon: Total War, launched last February, skirmishing its way to a sturdy 8/10 at the hands of Eurogamer's Quintin Smith.

"That the AI still leaves a lot to be desired and the naval battles are still boring is a shame," he wrote, "and the former is something Creative Assembly sorely need to remedy for the series' next reboot."

Looks like developer The Creative Assembly was listening - this time out it's promising improved 3D battles, revamped AI, new multiplayer modes and a massive campaign to wade through.