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Torchlight II delayed

Will launch in July.

Action role-playing game Torchlight II will launch in July, developer Runic Games has confirmed.

Work on the Xbox Live version of Torchlight caused the delay, CEO Max Schaefer told Digital Spy.

"I'd say that the Xbox project, having to do the extra work with the interface, has pushed us back a little bit, so we're probably talking July right now for Torchlight II," he said.

"It's going great, however. We've actually got some optimisations and technical improvements that went into making the Xbox version that we've been able to go back and implement into Torchlight II for PC.

"We've got load times down, we've got some animation stuff that's a little bit better, and it's feeling really good right now.

"Torchlight II is playing really snappy and really sharp, so I'm very excited about that."

Torchlight was first 2009 Diablo-like PC action-RPG. The sequel, revealed in August 2010, was slated for a spring 2011 release. The Xbox Live version of the first game is due next month.

Co-op is the biggest new feature. This uses a peer-to-peer system to hook friends up in endless randomised outdoor and indoor areas. There's no mention of the co-op player limit.

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