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What, an expansion for Titan Quest a decade later?!

That Ragnaroks.

I loved Titan Quest, that old Diablo clone by Iron Lore and THQ, but it's all wrinkly now and Diablo 3 and Path of Exile rule the roost (and don't forget Torchlight 2!). No one cares about Titan Quest - or do they?

11 years later, Titan Quest has a second expansion, and by a miraculous coincidence it happens to have the same name as the new Thor movie - Ragnarok - and be based around Norse Mythology!

Implausible as a new expansion a decade after the last one sounds, the game's new owner THQ Nordic - a rebranded Nordic Games - has been building up to it since acquiring the rights in 2013, with last year's Titan Quest Anniversary remaster only the start.

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The expansion, Ragnarok, takes the action out of sun-drenched ancient Greece, and Egypt, and Asia, and up to Northern Europe, into the realms of Norse Mythology and Germanic folklore. And because of that, you can finally now wear trousers in the game!

More importantly, there's a whole new fifth act to the game, which comes with new weapon types (thrown), a new Runemaster skill Mastery, and a higher level cap of 85. There are even apparently new items and secrets to find in the game's older acts. And there are a number of technical improvements too.

Titan Quest: Ragnarok costs £13.49 (usually £17.99) and is out now.

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