Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

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What, an expansion for Titan Quest a decade later?!

I loved Titan Quest, that old Diablo clone by Iron Lore and THQ, but it's all wrinkly now and Diablo 3 and Path of Exile rule the roost (and don't forget Torchlight 2!). No one cares about Titan Quest - or do they?

11 years later, Titan Quest has a second expansion, and by a miraculous coincidence it happens to have the same name as the new Thor movie - Ragnarok -

and be based around Norse Mythology!

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Titan Quest

Titan Quest "spiritual successor" Kickstarter announced

Diablo-esque Grim Dawn guided by "old school sensibilities".

Key members of the team responsible for no-nonsense 2006 RPG Titan Quest are looking for Kickstarter cash to help fund their new game, titled Grim Dawn.

Former Iron Lore Entertainment lead designer Arthur Bruno and his start-up studio Crate Entertainment want $280,000 to finish the project.

Built on the Titan Quest engine, it's a gritty fantasy action RPG with an open-world feel and a focus on player freedom.

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Retrospective: Titan Quest

Battling the gods.

In the genre known colloquially as Diablo Clones, Titan Quest holds a special place for me, although oddly not so much for the game that was released, but more for what happened behind the scenes. Something that suggests we're trying to be God. So, since it's Sunday, why don't we see if we can find a berserk route to a teleological interpretation of videogames, via remembering a visit to Iron Lore during the game's development?

THQ man angry about Iron Lore closure

Blames piracy, vendors, gamers, critics.

THQ's creative director Michael Fitch has spoken out about the closure of Titan Quest developer Iron Lore Entertainment, blaming piracy, hardware vendors, gamers and reviewers.

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Throne in at the deep end.

Onwards with the killing of mythic beasts! We're heading back into ancient mythology with more of the same thump and grunting that made the original Titan Quest so repetitious and yet so mesmerising.

Within just a few minutes of playing the Immortal Throne expansion pack I remembered exactly why I had spent so long playing Titan Quest, and also why it made me feel guilty for doing so. This is the kind of RPG where hitting things and then drinking potions to heal the damage is about the limit of your interaction with the world.

A couple of skill trees allow you to open up a load of buffing and offensive magic-like talents, while the rest of your game will be spent honing a loadout of magical hats and bracers of incredulity +5. It's easy to be cynical about a game made like this, and I was cynical enough for everyone in the review of the original game. Nevertheless I still found myself drawn inwards, this time for a second trawl through the Satyr-infested Hellenic world. There's nothing productive or particularly rewarding about Titan Quest (either in the original incarnation of the game or this well-engineered expansion) but still you go onwards, somehow compelled by the inertia of XP gain to club gorgons to death, and run back and forth out of the aggro-range of powerful monsters. Titan Quest is entrancing - a kind of gaming siren, dragging you onto the reefs of eternal mouse-bashing. The worst thing is: you want to be drawn in.

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Titan Quest expansion in 2007

THQ has announced plans to release its first expansion for PC hackandslash Titan Quest in early 2007.

In development once again at Iron Lore Entertainment, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne will take players into the depths of Hades. Literally I mean, not metaphorically. Although aren't all games metaphors? And who are we? And what is the meaning of hats?

Brian Sullivan, president and lead designer at Iron Lore, says the expansion will aim to be in keeping with the "fast-paced, story-driven gameplay" of the original.

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