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Tickets for Eurogamer Expo 2013 have sold out

70,000 gamers expected at UK's biggest ever gaming show.

Not long to go now.

The organisers of the Eurogamer Expo (spoiler: that's us) have announced that tickets for this year's show have sold out earlier than ever before, despite those same organisers (still us) offering more tickets than in any previous year. Woo!

Yep, we had 70,000 tickets on sale for this year's show, but they're gone now - safely distributed to people who are planning to join us at Earls Court in London from 26th-29th September. Visitors will be able to go hands-on with PlayStation 4 and a massive pile of upcoming games.

We still have some other big announcements to make about the show's content, so watch out for those in the days ahead. They will include this year's line-up of developer session speakers, but we're already safe to say that quite a few next-gen developers will be among them - as well as some top indies.

Other stuff we've announced for the Expo so far includes the returning Indie Games Arcade, Virgin Media's presence, Oculus Rift, Nvidia Shield, a bigger tournament area, pinball machines in the retro zone and lots more besides.

Since we've invited more people this year, we have also taken more space at Earls Court, and we've added additional areas where people can chill out and meet up with one another away from the hubbub of the show floor.

It's going to be amazing! We really hope to see you there.

Full disclosure: Um, so yeah, the Eurogamer Expo is owned and operated by Gamer Network, which publishes Eurogamer.net, but you probably got that. Editorial staff are involved in the curation of the event, but nothing commercial. You can view our public policies if you want more details.

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