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Virgin Media opening free Games Space in London

Go hands-on with Oculus Rift, Beyond and Tearaway.

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Virgin Media is opening a free "Game Space" at London's Silicon Roundabout to showcase titles like Beyond: Two Souls and Super Pole Riders and run various game jams between the end of August and the Eurogamer Expo in late September.

The Game Space is open from 27th August to 21st September from 10am to 7pm.

Starting 27th August and open for four weeks, the Virgin Media Game Space includes a game collection curated by David Hayward, who also runs the Eurogamer Expo's Indie Games Arcade and Rezzed's Leftfield Collection. Hayward's assembled a line-up including the aforementioned Super Pole Riders, There Shall be Lancing, Krautscape and more.

Visitors will also get to check out Oculus Rift, the VR headset that secured millions on Kickstarter to fund creation and distribution of its SDK. Oculus was a huge hit at our Rezzed event in July and will also feature at the Eurogamer Expo. If you've never used Oculus, we thoroughly recommend giving it a go - and it's always fun watching someone else try it for the first time too and suddenly come to terms with the head-tracking and depth perception.

Each week the Game Space will also host a specific activity. During week one Virgin Media is running a 24-hour Lifelites Game Jam to produce games for children with limited mobility. In week two the Game Space is showcasing Cello Fortress, then in week three you'll be able to check out Beyond: Two Souls on PS3 and Tearaway on PlayStation Vita, before week four brings thing to a close with an Arcade Jam, where various creative souls from around Europe build DIY arcade machines and games.

It's all open 10am to 7pm from 27th August until 21st September, when it's being packed up and the best parts will be transported to the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court (26th-29th September) where they will be available to check out on the Virgin Media stand.

It's all part of Virgin Media's activities around the Eurogamer Expo, of course. Last year the broadband and media outfit ran the 100 Day Game Project, where small development teams worked with specialists from the University of Abertay Dundee to make a game, which was playable at the Expo and sold through iTunes and Android stores.

If you're interested in checking out the Game Space, check out the official website. Tickets for Thursday and Friday at the Eurogamer Expo are also still available at Just about.

Full disclosure: As you've probably noticed, the Eurogamer Expo is owned and operated by Gamer Network, which publishes Editorial staff are involved in the curation of the event, but nothing commercial. You can view our policies governing such things if you want more details.

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