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Three new US VC additions

Only one not out in Europe.

Nintendo has added three more retro titles to the US Virtual Console, only one of which is not out in Europe.

That little fellow is Silent Debuggers, a first-person shooter originally released on the TurboGrafx-16 in 1991. In it you have to descend to the lower levels of a space station so you can deactivate the automatic detonator there, clearing each block of nasty monsters beforehand as quickly as you can.

Save up 600 Wii points from your paper round and this could be yours, and it's rumoured to be heading to Europe towards the end of the month, too.

The other two additions were the excellent N64 game Paper Mario, added to the European line-up last Friday, and Balloon Fight for NES, which appeared late last May.

N64 nuggets will mug you for 1000 points - well worth it in this case - while NES nibbles ask for a paltry sum of 500.