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Three new cars for GT5 Prologue

Free update also tweaks things.

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Sony has patched Gran Turismo 5 Prologue to include three new cars and a host of tweaks.

The new cars are the "GT by Citroen" concept car, the Ferrari California and the Lotus Evora, all of which you can check out in our Gran Turismo 5 Prologue screenshot gallery.

The patch, which should download during the startup for GT5P (it did for us anyway), also tweaks the penalty system, race events and other miscellaneous bits and bobs.

Time Trial events will now punish you with an invalidated lap rather than enforcing speed penalties, apparently, and race events have received tweaks to difficulty levels and increased winnings for finishing first.

Elsewhere wireless controller response and the audio balance between sound effects and music are said to be improved, and Drift Trials races now feature rolling starts.

Sony warns on its blog that the new update will reset rankings, arcade Time Trial times, Drift Trial records, quick tune settings and custom key configurations, and that replays over a certain age will no longer work either.

In order to find out whether your replays are okay, check with the in-game manual to see if you have the second update. If you don't, replays won't work. If you do, only stuff created since you last patched will work.

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