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This year's Dota 2 Compendium stretch goals go all the way up to $15m

Music! HUD skins! Wyvern Hatchling courier! Comic!

In August gargantuan Dota 2 tournament The International once again kicks into gear, and so this year's Compendium has launched.

The Dota Compendium is an interactive digital tournament companion that Valve sells for £6.69, and 25 per cent of all Compendium sales go to The International overall prize pool. Last year it boosted the International tournament prize pool over the $10m mark, and this year it's set to smash that.

Compendium sales are fuelled by eye-catching stretch goals all Dota 2 players will be keen to unlock. Examples include new loading screens ($4.5m), a new HUD skin ($5.5) and a Wyvern Hatchling courier ($9m).

Going higher, there's a music pack, an announcer pack and even new weather effects to unlock. And top of the tree, unlocked when $15m is made, is a special Axe Immortal item and comic based on the character.

Meanwhile, new for this year are Compendium Challenges, where you complete objectives in Dota matches. Complete a Challenge then win the match to earn Compendium Coins for both you and your teammates. You can redeem coins in your Compendium for item or set drops.

As before, you can increase your Compendium level by completing activities or by purchasing Compendium Points to earn more items. As your level rises you can earn more treasures, such as a pet item.

The International 2015 takes place in August in Seattle, Washington. The Compendium has already raised just shy of $2m. That comic already looks like a certainty.

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