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This Witcher fan film looks surprisingly good

Starring... not Geralt.

Can't wait for the Witcher Netflix series? This 30-minute Witcher fan film, Alzur's Legacy, looks surprisingly good. Perhaps it's because it's professionally made by a recognised Polish cast and competent crew - or perhaps it's because the main character isn't Geralt.

Alzur's Legacy tells an original story about the witcher Lambert - who you may remember from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - in a timeline set "several dozen years" after the conclusion of the Witcher Saga of books. Well known characters Triss Merigold and Dandelion will play key roles.

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The film is a not-for-profit endeavour (perhaps due to copyrights) and needs your help. Alzur's Legacy seeks $15k on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

"We are not after money, fame or notoriety," goes the pitch. "It's about respect and gratitude. After wondrous time spent with the novels, games and comic books, we felt that it is our duty to pay homage to the amazing work and to its creator - Andrzej Sapkowski."

Andrzej Sapkowski is the creator of the Witcher and I went to meet him earlier this year.

Alzur's Legacy crowdfunded once before, in 2015, on Polish platform Polak Potrafi. "But as the production got into full swing and the expenses soared with project getting bigger and bigger, we realised that in order to finish what we've started we are going to need more resources," the Indiegogo pitch explained.

Around a quarter of the film has already been shot. Final shooting - if the project succeeds on Indiegogo - will go ahead later this summer.