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This Just Cause 4 Easter egg is the greatest Easter egg of them all


Few riffs encapsulate the 80s quite like A-ha's oft-imitated but never bettered Take on Me, so imagine my surprise when that very same riff cropped up in a Just Cause 4 clip on Twitter.

Twitterer Nitomatta shared what they found on a tweet that's now had 300,000 views and is still rising. Whilst taking a gentle jog to the top of a not-quite-finished construction site, they fall down what appears to be an unfinished stairway and right into a homage of A-ha's award-winning Take On Me's music video.

No, they haven't added the music in post-edit. That's live, unaltered footage, complete with a woman from a different dimension wanting to dance with Rico.

"How could you ever leave this area again?" said one commenter. "Never have I felt so much emotion from one scene," added another.

I appreciate that not everyone's as old as me, nor as familiar as I am with the breathless pace of the 80s Norwegian pop scene, so here's the original, just in case you somehow missed this seminal piece of 80s pop:

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If you're wondering what else Just Cause 4 has in store, check out Christian's Recommended review, in which he said: "this is a game for people who don't think double-A is an insult. The tech is ingenious and some of the emergent stuff the game can pull off in the heat of the moment are spectacularly hilarious, but this is still, in its heart, a proud direct-to-video offering. In these glossy, ponderous, shared-universe times, I mean that as the very highest compliment."

Just Cause 4 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.