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This is the latest hiding spot being abused in Apex Legends' King Canyon


Found yourself being sniped on King's Canyon near Slum Lakes and you can't fight back? You're not alone. Turns out Apex Legends players have found a special spot where they can sit and snipe without taking any damage.

Players have taken to Reddit to complain about squads abusing glitch spots in ranked matches, particularly one between Slum Lakes and Destroyed Cascades that hides players in the mountain and essentially affords them complete immunity until players jump up and take them on at close-range.

"Should we be surprised that So say the best players in the game [are] yet again abusing yet another thing in order to climb the ranks?" opined one commenter. "Apex ranked becomes a matter of skill until Diamond and then its just a case of who can abuse what bug/glitch or team with others to get to apex pred[ator level]."

Here's a video showing exactly where the exploit is:

Full Squad Abusing Glitch Spot in Pred Lobby (Xbox) from r/apexlegends

"If I found that spot with my friends I would not camp in it because it would feel so embarrassing needing to cheat. Pathetic," added another, whilst one player only had this to say: "NO WHY DID THEY EXPOSE IT".

As spotted by Dexerto, developer Respawn has yet to add the issue to its public Trello, so there's little hope of a hot fix anytime soon.

In related news, we recently learned about a dataminer that believes they know the dates, and order, that Apex Legends' mysterious new bunkers will become accessible.

Bunkers popped up in Kings Canyon with the arrival of season 5, and though some of us have already been able to explore part of one of them, it looks like we'll be able to investigate them all sooner rather than later. Data miner Shrugtal shared a map depicting the locations and reported names of the four bunkers (the quest-related bunker has been excluded for now): Terminal Station F-85, Terminal Station W-78, Terminal Station O-240, and Terminal Station L-19.

Interesting, Shrugtal has gone so far as to indicate what gold items will be hiding at each spot - a gold knockdown shield, Prowler, Sentinel, and Havoc respectively - and opined that the letters of each terminal can be rearranged to spell WOLF - the anglicised name of Loba, of course.

There have been some big changes in Apex Legends recently, from the arrival of new Legend Loba to nerfs and buffs to existing Legends like Mirage and Pathfinder. However, Wraith remains the most popular Legend to use in season five, hitting a usage rate of 27 per cent across all platforms - that makes her almost three times more popular than the second most used character, Pathfinder, at 10 per cent. Lifeline comes in third place with a usage rate of 9 per cent. Revenant and Crypto languish at the other end of the table with usage rates of just 4 and 3 per cent respectively.

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