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This Fortnite dumpster bug turns players "into a dementor"

Sky's the limit.

Be very careful when you hide in a dumpster, Fortnite friends - a new bug is turning players "into a dementor", sending them rocketing skyward before dropping to the ground again so quickly, it unceremoniously kills them.

As demonstrated by Redditor u/Bigdog-475 (thanks, Slashgear), making use of the new hide mechanic and taking shelter in a dumpster sure sounds like a good idea in theory. But as Bigdog's video clearly depicts, on exiting hiding they were seemingly transformed into a smoky, bodyless form - not dissimilar to the shadow stones effect - and catapulted into the air so high, you can almost make out the entire map.

Coming back down is the issue, though, and when they land, players keel over and die. Rad.

An Epic employee has acknowledged the issue, confirming they were "sending this over to get looked at" but as yet, there's no further information of why this is happening, nor when it might be fixed.

I'm duty-bound to remind you that Fortnite Chapter 2 is now live, even though I'm certain there's not a soul left that doesn't know. As Tom reported earlier this week, though, while Fortnite's new map is the star of its revamped, reinvigorated Chapter 2 update, it was not the first time fans had been able to peer at the new map. It had, in fact, been floating around various corners of the internet for several weeks... but no one believed it.

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