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There's an official Friday the 13th game coming from the makers of Slayaway Camp

Launching on PC and mobile...guess when?

There's a new, officially licensed Friday the 13th game on the way, and it's being developed by Blue Wizard Digital, maker of the wonderful Slayaway Camp.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle, as the game is known, was announced at the tail end of last year. However, two things of note have happened since then: firstly, it soft launched on iOS in the US this week. Secondly, its global release date has now been confirmed as....yes...Friday, April 13th, when it will launch on iOS, Android, and Steam.

Slayaway Camp, for those unfamiliar, is brilliant, playing out something like a sokoban sliding block puzzler - albeit enthusiastically themed around classic 80s horror movies.

Each isometric, single-screen puzzle drops you into the shoes of a faintly-familiar-if-not-quite-official cinematic serial killer, then tasks you with plotting a route around the stage (you can only move in the four cardinal directions) in order to off every bystander in sight.

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It's superbly entertaining stuff, made all the better thanks to Slayaway Camp's gleefully gore-soaked stylings - and presumably someone at New Line Productions agrees

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle looks incredibly similar to its predecessor, featuring the same core slide-and-slay puzzle set-up and isometric level design. Its most obvious deviation (apart from the officially licensed Jason Vorhees) is its new art style, ditching Slayaway Camp's blocky voxel visuals in favour of a more traditionally cartoon-y, but no less gory, aesthetic.

There's no word yet if Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle will make it to other platforms beyond mobile and PC when it launches this April. If it follows in the bloody footsteps of Slayaway Camp, however, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch releases might hopefully be on the way.

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