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There's a whiff of Destiny about No Man's Sky's menu screens

Super Good Advice.

Sony's put out a new trailer for No Man's Sky, which showcases the trade side to the space game.

The video, below, reveals how you can harvest resources from the game world, then sell them at a space base.

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It's here we get a snapshot of No Man's Sky's menu screens, which remind me a lot of Destiny's menu screens.

Here are some images I've picked out of the trailer:

And here's an image of Destiny's menu (from Kotaku's Tips for playing Destiny: The Taken King article), by point of comparison.

Even the process of gathering natural resources looks a bit Destiny.

I'm getting a Destiny vibe from No Man's Sky's user interface then, more in the look and feel of them than how they work, exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if Hello Games was inspired by Bungie's space game. But then perhaps I've played too much Destiny and I'm reading too much into the trailer!

And I'm not saying the similarity is a bad thing, either. Destiny's user interface is great, and works really well for a MMO-style console first-person shooter.