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There's a new Alien game starring Amanda Ripley

UPDATE: Don't consider it a sequel to Alien Isolation, though.

UPDATE 9TH JAN 2019: The people behind Alien: Blackout have said the game is not a sequel to Alien Isolation.

Alien: Blackout sounds similar to Creative Assembly's superb Alien Isolation in that it stars Amanda Ripley and sees you explore a Weyland-Yutani space station while avoiding an alien.

But it's not related to, or should be considered a sequel of Alien Isolation, according to a comment issued by the game's PR agency, FortySeven, to MSPowerUser.

This statement, also sent to Eurogamer, is below:

"We wanted to reach out to clarify that Alien: Blackout is a standalone game that shares Amanda Ripley as a main character but is not related to or a sequel of Isolation."

Cover image for YouTube videoAlien: Blackout Trailer

ORIGINAL STORY 7TH JAN 2019: Alien: Isolation star Amanda Ripley will return for a new mobile game, Alien: Blackout.

It sounds very similar to Isolation on paper - you'll be exploring a Weyland-Yutani space station and avoiding a relentless Xenomorph as it hunts you down.

But there's also a crew to keep protected - which you may need to sacrifice members of for the greater good - and what sounds like a branching storyline based upon the choices you make.

Alien: Blackout is being developed by Finnish studio Rival Games, which previously adapted Robert Kirkman's Thief of Thieves for PC and Xbox One.

The game's website lists it as "coming soon" for iPhone and Android devices. Here are the first few screenshots: