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There's 15% off Super Mario 3D World and a handful of PS5 games at eBay

Did someone say new eBay voucher code?

It's been what feels like a few minutes since the last one but eBay is back with another voucher code that can get you 15 per cent off upcoming Switch exclusive Super Mario 3D World and a number of PS5 games.

Once again, the majority of the console game offers are available at the Boss Deals store, though other gaming and tech retailers are included in the promotion if you want to look elsewhere for some other bargains. The likes of ShopTo, Hughes Direct and The Game Collection are usually worth a look. To get the discount, all you need to do is enter the code 'PURCHASE15' at the checkout.

Your first stop should be ShopTo, where you can get Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury for £38.24. This is the cheapest price we've seen the updated Wii U platformer and its brand new expansion so far ahead of launch next Friday. Martin's already spent some time with the new content in Bowser's Fury and believes it to be one of the weirdest entries in the series yet.

Just a quick note, if you'd rather have the steelbook version, you can pick that up from Boss Deals for slightly more at £39.94 or follow our page dedicated to the best Nintendo Switch deals for any further price cuts.

Next, onto the PS5 games, where all the best prices are at Boss Deals. Some of the offers are definitely more tempting than others, with some decent reductions of Devil May Cry 5, Watch Dogs Legion and Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

I've listed all the highlights below. Hopefully, there's something in there you'd like to pick up if you were lucky enough to grab a Sony's latest console in the latest round of PS5 stock to hit retailers.

  • Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5 for £39.94
  • That'll about do it for now, but do have a browse through the other eBay stores and there are bound to be some PS4 and Xbox bargains to be found. You can always pop over to Jelly Deals for even more offers or follow us on Twitter for regular updates on console stock and more.

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