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The Witcher: Versus coming to iPhone

Portable version of browser duel game.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Witcher is to get a spin-off for iPhone and iPod Touch, reports Destructoid.

Going by the video, it's a portable version of The Witcher: Versus, a browser-based, multiplayer, one-on-one fighter enjoyed by the Polish RPG's community.

In the browser version, players pick one of three classes - Witcher, Sorceress or Beast - and build a character to level 30, gathering skills and items as they engage in a series of toe-to-toe scraps with other players.

According to the site, it's "a modern version of the classic battlemail games, which consist of sending challenges to opponents with a fight sequence queued up in advance - attacks, defence and special actions". It was originally known as DuelMail. It's free to play, you just need to be a member of The Witcher's forum.

CD Projekt confirmed a rough date and details for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings yesterday: it's coming in the first quarter of 2011.

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