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The Witcher demo

Play it for a spell.

Atari has released a demo of The Witcher, giving you a chance to poke around the early bits of Geralt's monster-slaying adventure through the world created by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

The demo starts off with the prologue, where reluctant hero Geralt learns how to fight, and then the whole of Act 1, where he does some of the aforementioned slaying.

The Witcher's already been out for a bit, as Dan who puts the screenshots up remarked with no small amount of alarm when he heard there was a playable demo, but that shouldn't stop you giving it a go.

Highly rated by the likes of you, it also won favour with us in our Witcher review, where another Dan, Whitehead, liked the combat and the "solidly crafted story that includes elements of racial discord, religious fanaticism and sexual promiscuity" as he went on recommend it to RPG fans who liked the concept.