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The Witcher 3 - Through Time and Space, Place of Power, Avallac’h, Ge’els

Our guide for the Through Time and Space quest, from following Avallac'h, to surviving the freezing cold and getting to the lighthouse.

This page covers Through Time and Space, Place of Power, Avallac'h and Ge'els. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

Once you reach the house, follow Avallac'h inside and climb the stairs to catch up with the building's inhabitants. When you're done, head down to the cellar and activate your Witcher Senses. Locate the damaged portion of the wall nearby and shatter it with a blast of Aard. Pass on through and prepare to enter the portal.

Through Time and Space

Find the next passage

On the other side, follow Avallac'h through the desert.

Wait until the passage opens

When Avallac'h comes to a halt, stop and wait for the portal to open. Don't get too relaxed though: a horde of sand crabs attacks a short time later. They're not particularly tough opponents but they attack in large, relentless numbers. Fend off the creatures until the portal opens, then dive on through to reach the next world.

Find the next passage

On the other side of the portal, make your way down the steps and along the grassy ledge. The next portal lies in the distance, so you'll need to find a way to reach it. Continue along the path, then climb up the ledge once you reach it. The next area is full of poisonous vapours - you'll need to move quickly to avoid suffocation.

Drop down into the gas, then run to the right, clambering up the ledge once you reach it. Take a moment to clear your lungs then drop down into the next area. Continue onward and climb the next ledge a little way on. From here, follow the path ahead as it bends around to the right.

Examine the Place of Power

Investigate the Place of Power to gain an ability point, then continue along to the right as the path begins sloping downhill. At the bottom, drop off into the red bushes and begin running to the south-west, slightly away from the portal. As you proceed, look for the higher ground ahead on the right and clamber up to clear your lungs again.

Next, drop back down into poisonous vapours and begin travelling south-west again. Not far ahead, you'll see another ledge. Climb up, then continue upward until you reach the top of the hill. From here, make your way south toward the ledge opposite - note that the path is difficult to navigate here, so be prepared to roll around a lot. Finally, head south along the ledge, drop down into the gas and leap through the portal.

Find the next passage

Next, you materialise underwater, with your air meter rapidly depleting. Quickly swim forward and proceed through the next portal directly ahead.

Survive the freezing temperatures of the next world

Find the next passage

In the next mysterious world, make your way down the steps and follow the tunnel along. Use your Aard Sign to shatter the ice sheet at the end, then step out into the freezing air. Instead of poisonous vapours, you're now subjected to freezing temperatures - you need to keep moving and search out cover as travel to avoid certain death.

Drop off the ledge and begin travelling north-west toward the distant lighthouse. As you journey forwards, use the rocks and walls jutting out of the snow to protect yourself from the elements. Dive behind middle of the three rocks ahead then dash to the next outcrop up the steps to the right. Continue right and move forward to one of the two walls blocking the wind. From here, leap down the slope to the east and slide along until the cut-scene triggers.

Get to the lighthouse

Next, immediately look left and dash into the nearby house before the cold can take its toll. Restore your health if necessary then step back outside. Drop off the ledge ahead and run down the slop leading between the buildings. At the bottom, pass through the doorway to the left.

Inside, drop down to the lower level and head toward the gap in the northern-most wall. Take out the hounds that attack then continue on through. Immediately begin sprinting down the slope and look for the alley leading to a doorway on the right. Head into the building and descend the steps.

Downstairs, make your way outside and run straight into the building ahead, perched high on a snowy incline. When you're ready, step outside again and sprint down the hill to the north.

On reaching the wall at the bottom, climb the steps on the right and head into the shack. Pass through the doorway opposite and, back outside, take an immediate left through the hole in the wall. From here, climb the steps to the north-east (dodging around the hounds as you go) and enter the lighthouse via archway at its base. Proceed down the steps to reconvene with Avallac'h. Wrap up the conversation to continue.

Travel to the next world

When you're ready, follow Avallac'h to the next portal and step on through.

Follow Avallac'h

Walk along the corridor and, once outside, follow Avallac'h through the elven gardens.

Talk to Ge'els

Approach the man painting at the easel and engage him in conversation. Work through the dialogue options to end the quest.

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Final Preparations (continued)

Help Ciri take care of her business in Novigrad

Immediately on ending Through Time and Space, you'll be given the chance to help Ciri with her few remaining tasks in Novigrad. If you'd rather do something else first, however, decline the offer and join her at the market later.

When the quest begins, ready yourself for a jaunt to Temple Isle. Remind Ciri that Whoreson Junior is dead to continue on with your next adventure.

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