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The Witcher 2 sold 1.1 million copies in 2011

The Witcher 1 sold 400,000.

Fantastic PC (and soon Xbox 360) RPG, The Witcher 2, sold 1,110,055 copies last year, developer CD Projekt Red has revealed.

There is an apparently rubbish Polish film based on The Witcher books, which were written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The film's called The Hexer.

Of those copies, 270,000 were sold via digital distribution platforms: 40,000 on GOG.com, which leaves the lion's share of the remainder presumably to Steam (numbers not disclosed).

But most "remarkable" to CDPR managing director Adam Badowski, was that 401,543 copies of The Witcher 1 were sold last year.

"I have to admit, though, that the sales results for The Witcher, five years on from the game's premier, are remarkable," he commented.

"If anything, they prove that the content we put into our games ages well.

"The Witcher will continue to generate buzz in the coming years."

Eurogamer recently cornered Adam Badowski for a lengthy chat. He and marketing manager Michal Platkow-Gilewski revealed that CD Projekt Red was already working towards the next generation of consoles. On those machines will be the developer's next two major new games: one a new IP, the other The Witcher 3. They'll arrive simultaneously for PC and next-generation consoles in 2014/15. Witcher those games will arrive when, and Witcher the platforms they'll be on, were questions that couldn't be answered.

Consider that the new IP is being built by a team that's only just being put together, though, and it's likely that project will take longer to make.

We also wallowed on the topic of The Witcher 2 for PS3; talked about how expensive that new CGI Witcher 2 trailer was; and discussed possible next-generation technology not allowing pre-owned games to be played.

That very impressive Witcher 2 cinematic.