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The Warcraft movie's Goldshire Inn makes me nostalgic for WOW's Goldshire Inn

It's good to see you again!

The Warcraft movie recreates a number of locations from the game upon which it is based, including, wait for it, Goldshire Inn!

World of Warcraft Alliance players will know Goldshire Inn, situated in Elwynn Forest, well. (Horde scum, feel free to sit this one out.) It's one of the busiest non-city locations in the MMO, with plenty of early quests to get stuck into. Most of the time you'll find half-naked night elves dancing on tables. And just outside the inn, duel after duel after duel.

WOW Goldshire Inn often looks like this (image courtesy of The Daily Frostwolf):

It's good to see you again!

I spent most of my time at Goldshire Inn partaking in a spot of low-level duelling using my flower-picking priest. Ah, those were the days!

The video, below, shows how the makers of the Warcraft movie have recreated Goldshire Inn, proper name The Lion's Pride Inn. All the barrels are in the right place, and there's even a wanted sign for kobolds - a cute Easter egg for World of Warcraft players. Who can forget running off to kill kobold after kobold after kobold, then running back to Goldshire Inn to cash in for experience?

I can't!

Check out the Warcraft movie's Goldshire Inn in the video below:

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