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The Persistence might be PSVR's scariest game yet

In space, everyone can hear Ian yelp.

You know that bit in Alien when Dallas crawls into the ventilation system to search for the Xenomorph? There's a section in The Persistence that reminded me a little of that scene and honestly, it was one of the scariest experiences I've had in a video game so far. And I played through the entirety of Resident Evil 7 on my PSVR...

Developed by Firesprite, the team behind The Playroom VR, The Persistence is a stealth-horror game that's light-years away from its family-friendly predecessor in both tone and personality.

The action takes place onboard a procedurally generated spaceship that's heaving with horrors and it's up to you to navigate your way through five dark and gloomy decks in order to kickstart the ship's Stardrive.

As with all rogue-like games, death is never far away. Luckily (or not, I guess) you'll be playing as a clone of one of the ship's security officers. That means, every time you fall foul to one of the many mutants patrolling the ship, you'll be reprinted on the bridge, hopefully with a schematic and a pocket full 'FAB Chips' that you collected in your last life. With these you can craft brand new upgrades and weapons that'll aid you as you push ever deeper into the ship.

Watch on YouTube

The Persistence comes out on the PSVR this Tuesday and for today's episode of Ian's VR Corner, I brave my way through the first deck of the shape-shifting ship. It's an interesting Let's Play because the first half of the video is heavily edited to help you understand the basics of the game (and to cram in as many rubbish jokes as possible).

At around the 20 minute mark though it turns into a full on horror movie and I just let it play out so you can feel the kind of tension I had to endure when The Persistence is at its best.

If you want to know more about The Persistence I'll be doing a full review of it later in the week, so do check back for that. In the meanwhile, please enjoy my little preview video above. Oh, and apologies in advance for all the yelping...

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