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The Maw dev's exploding platformer

'Splosion Man heading to XBLA.

What's that old line about two side-scrolling platform games about an exploding hero coming along at once? If you didn't like the sound of Curve's Explodemon!, perhaps you'll go for Twisted Pixel's 'Splosion Man.

The developer of The Maw has said it's due out for Xbox Live Arcade at some point in the future, and it sounds similar. For instance, there's an emphasis on propelling yourself around the 2.5D platform levels using explosions.

There are differences though: Twisted Pixel emphasises a multiplayer side, promising four-player co-op both locally and online, and there's talk of in-game cut-scenes telling a wacky story, and epic boss battles and leaderboards.

Plus of course the platforms are different: Explodemon!'s bound for PSN, PC and WiiWare, while 'Splosion Man is set for XBLA.

Check out the Twisted Pixel website to uncover some concept art.