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The Long Dark sees light at the end of its Kickstarter campaign

Contains the voices of Shepards Fem and Bro, as well as Solid Snake.

Wintry first-person survival sim The Long Dark has scraped by its Kickstarter campaign with just enough resources to get by - and maybe just a tiny bit extra for a rainy day. Developer Hinterland asked for $200K (CAN) and received $256,217 (CAN).

Along the way Hinterland recruited a heck of a cast with the voice actors of both versions of Commander Shepard (Jennifer Hale and Mark Meer), Solid Snake (David Haytor) and Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Adam Jensen (Elias Toufexis).

The campaign also surpassed a couple of its stretch goals, so all backers will receive a digital graphic novel and the game will feature an extended soundtrack with double the music.

The Long Dark is due next autumn on PC, Mac and Linux with Oculus Rift support.

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