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The Long Dark's Hesitant Prospect update out now, adds Ash Canyon region and new gear

Plus new version of Halloween's Darkwalker event.

Developer Hinterland's acclaimed wilderness survival adventure The Long Dark is welcoming visitors to a brand-new region, Ash Canyon, as part of its free new Survival Mode Hesitant Prospect update, available now on all platforms.

Ash Canyon is described as a hard-to-reach area - "defined by steep cavernous walls and burned-out forest" - located on the far side of Timberwolf Mountain. "If you can navigate your way through the treacherous landscape," teases Hinterland, "you might find an abandoned mine that hides treasures worth more than gold to any survivor. Just be careful when crossing the harrowing rope-bridges. It's a long way down!".

To assist survivors willing to brave Ash Canyon, Hinterland has introduced two new gear items in its December update. There are Crampons, which help prevent sprains and makes it easier to travel over weak ice, and the Technical Pack, adding a permanent capacity buff to the inventory.

The Long Dark - Hesitant Prospect update trailer.Watch on YouTube

Those looking for thrills of a more supernatural disposition can try their hand at an updated version of The Long Dark's horror-focussed Escape the Darkwalker mode, which initially launched as a limited-time event this Halloween. "You are being hunted by a malevolent invisible force," explains Hinterland, "Use special paint Glyphs to buy yourself time to escape. Time spent in each region counts down towards toxic green fog appearing which will slowly suffocate you. You must banish the Darkwalker before you run out of time!".

Players that manage complete the Darkwalker Challenge will unlock the new Darkwalker Feat for use in Survival Mode. When enabled, players will receive a stamina boost at night, but will find that their stamina drains during the day. Hesitant Prospect also introduces the new, and self-explanatory, Endless Night custom mode setting, as well as various quality of life improvements, as detailed over on Steam.

To celebrate Hesitant Prospect's arrival, there's currently 75% off The Long Dark on Valve's platform, bringing the price down to £5.94.

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