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The Long Dark is coming to Steam Early Access in September

New trailer sure is purdy for a post-apocalypse.

First-person survival sim The Long Dark is coming to PC, Mac and Linux via Steam Early Access in September, developer Hinterland Games has announced.

For the uninitiated, The Long Dark has quite the pedigree for an indie title with developers from Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, Far Cry 3, God of War, Mass Effect, League of Legends, Knights of the Old Republic and The Unfinished Swan on board. It even has Jennifer "FemShep" Hale lending her vocal talents to the adventure. It's little wonder The Long Dark made over a quarter million Canadian dollars in its Kickstarter campaign last autumn.

While the core game will be an episodic, narrative-based adventure, the Early Access build will only be a "Sandbox Mode", where you can explore and try to survive as long as you can without the story of a stranded pilot navigating this frozen apocalypse popping up.

"Nobody wants to play the story content while it's still in development," Hinterland explained in an e-mail to Eurogamer. "Not only would this introduce massive spoilers, but it would also ensure your first experience of the game's story content was not your best experience of the game's story content, and we wouldn't be satisfied with that. So, we're holding the Story mode back until the first Episodes are completely finished and we're ready to share them with you. We promise it'll be worth the wait."

You can pre-order The Long Dark for $19.99 (about £12) from its official website.

To see how The Long Dark is coming along, Hinterland released the following trailer showing off its colourful wintry wasteland.

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