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The Last of Us Remastered heads up free PlayStation Plus games for October

Along with MLB The Show 19.

To remind yourself of Ellie and Joel's struggles in The Last Of Us before the sequel releases next year, PlayStation are offering The Last of Us Remastered as one of your free PS Plus titles for October.

If you've yet to play the game, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience some of the best storytelling Naughty Dog has to offer. The remaster provides you with both the main game, as well as The Last of Us: Left Behind - exploring Ellie's relationship with her childhood friend, Riley, some years prior.

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The second game on offer is MLB The Show 19, a game which allows players to "relive the biggest Major League Baseball moments in history".

October will see new content dropping for The Show too, featuring legendary player Ted Williams. If you download and log into the game any time between 1st and 31st October, you'll also get some free in-game content to celebrate it being on PS Plus for the first time.

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Both games will be available on PlayStation Plus between 1st October and 4th November - so there's still a few days left to pick up Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders 3 if you haven't had a chance yet.