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The Last of Us fans have a huge Part 2 theory

Joel danger.

The Last of Us fans have come up with a big theory on Naughty Dog's upcoming Part 2.

Wherefore art thou, Joel?

(For those wary of spoilers, this theory is based upon The Last of Us: Part 2's reveal trailer, although it would also fit with The Last of Us' ending, which we discuss in very broad terms below.)

The teaser catches up with an older Ellie who has clearly just killed off a number of human attackers. She's covered in blood, which trickles down her face in a dreamlike sequence where she plays guitar.

Ellie's alone - until the figure of Joel appears out of the bright light outside and asks her what she's going to do next. Ellie replies she's going to find and kill "every last one of them".

Fans have suggested that Joel is dead, and the version Ellie speaks to is a figment of her broken psyche after years of surviving the game's post-apocalyptic world.

Perhaps Joel is one of the dead bodies in the house, and this is Ellie deciding she's going to go after his attackers?

The ending of the original Last of Us would certainly give us a clue who Joel's pursuers might be - and why they would want him dead. The Fireflies logo glimpsed in the trailer's opening would also fit with this.

Naughty Dog has also confirmed Ellie will be this game's protagonist - which would fit if our friend Joel was now non-corporeal - and said this game will be about "hate", where the first centred on "love".

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Last of Us: Part 2 Reveal Trailer - PSX 2016

Of course, this theory is very Sixth Sense... Would Naughty Dog repeat the same narrative trick?