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The Last of Us board game coming from Escape the Dark creator

Dice to know.

There's a The Last of Us board game in the works.

This project comes from Themeborne, which is known for its Escape the Dark series.

Themeborne will be working closely with The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog on the upcoming release, with its Kickstarter campaign kicking off later this month.

The Last of Us is also being adapted for TV.Watch on YouTube

As for the board game itself, this will see one to five players taking on the role of either Ellie, Joel, Tess, Bill, Tommy or Marlene. Once players have picked their character, they will be tasked with "resolving immersive chapter cards". This will all take place in locations that fans of the video games will recognise, including the sewers and the university.

There will of course be plenty of threats that players will have to deal with during any given playthrough, with both 'Hunters' and 'Infected' confirmed to be part of the game. When faced with such an adversary, "survival will depend on using a tactical combination of item cards and custom dice" to overcome the threat.

In addition to all this, each player will also begin the game with their own "hang-up". These hang-ups can be overcome during a playthrough, with the characters going on "a journey of personal growth".

Ellie-mentory, my dear Joel.

Like in the video games, there will also be a weapon upgrade and crafting system for players to make the most of. Themeborne says the game has been designed so players can approach it in their own way, be that with stealth or "full-on combat".

On this upcoming release, Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann said he is "excited to see Joel, Ellie and more of our beloved characters take on new life through stunning artwork and mechanics that immerse players in the world of The Last of Us".