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The Falconeer lands on PlayStation, Switch in August

Alongside new expansion Edge of the World.

BAFTA-nominated bird combat game The Falconeer will take up roost on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PS5 on 5th August.

It'll launch on those platforms in a new Warrior Edition, which includes all previous updates and add-ons, plus a new expansion: Edge of the World.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Falconeer | Launch Trailer

Edge of the World is described as a "significant" update to the game, with new quests, map locations, story and items.

The Falconeer first arrived on PC and Xbox last year, and has subsequently entered Xbox Game Pass. Edge of the World will become available as a separate purchase for those platforms on the same date, 5th August.

"I love that we live in a world where there's a launch title like this," Bertie wrote in Eurogamer's The Falconeer review, which launched alongside the Xbox Series X/S. "In a world of compromised visions, The Falconeer is dazzlingly original. An aerial combat game unlike any other."

The Falconeer is developed by the Amsterdam-based Tomas Sala, who Bertie also interviewed back in February (and who heard hints then of today's news). It's a lovely read reflecting on the development of the game, the various responses to it, and on the colourful character of Sala himself.