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The Elder Scrolls is rumoured to be the next game getting a Netflix adaptation

If true, this'll be the second Bethesda game to be turned into a TV show.

Netflix is reportedly planning to create a TV show based on the The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Capitalising on the success of similar adaptations that turned The Witcher and Castlevania into strong shows on the streaming service, it's now rumoured that Netflix is looking to repeat the formula with a show based upon Bethesda's action RPG, too.

The rumour comes via industry insider Daniel Ritchtman (£) (thanks, Game Rant), who reports Netflix is looking to adapt the fan-favourite franchise. Admittedly it's only a rumour right now - as yet we haven't heard from Bethesda, Microsoft or Netflix - but given there are already plans to turn Fallout 4 into a TV show, it's certainly a plausible one.

In case you missed it, The Elder Scrolls Online's next big adventure is all about Oblivion, as revealed during The Game Awards. There's a reveal event set for 21st January 2021 to get a first look at this new storyline.

As we explained at the time, Oblivion was the Bethesda RPG that came out on PC and Xbox 360 in March 2006. It's set within Cyrodiil, and tasks you with taking down a cult called the Mythic Dawn that plans to open portal gates to the demonic realm known as Oblivion. The opening set piece involves escaping a prison alongside Emperor Uriel Septim VII, voiced by Patrick Stewart. Eventually you emerge into this vast, open fantasy world before you.

The Elder Scrolls Online's Gates of Oblivion follows 2020's Dark Heart of Skyrim chapter, which leaned into the eternally popular Skyrim.

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