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The Darkness X360 demo

Pitch your tentacles.

An Xbox 360 demo of Starbreeze's excellent The Darkness is now on offer through Marketplace, having appeared and then disappeared for some reason late last week.

The demo, around 1.3GB in size, comprises three levels of the single-player-only action game, giving you control of hitman Jackie Estacado on his 21st birthday as he becomes aware of - and learns to harness - the "Darkness" powers of the title, fighting off ex-chums in the mafia with a mixture of bullets and tentacles.

The full game's been out for a while and you'd do well to read our review to find out exactly why it's worth looking into. It's a bit violent, though, so you might want to dob them into the Mail before picking up the pad.

And of course if you'd rather play it on PS3 you can do that, too, following last Friday's release of that of that version, which also brought with it a PlayStation Network demo that apparently didn't see the need to pop in and out of the shadows before settling down and allowing you to grab it.

Check out our PS3 and Xbox 360 gamepages for more on both versions.