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The Castle Doctrine promo lets you win real money, weaponry

Assuming you live in a place where clubs are legal.

Passage and Sleep is Death developer Jason Rohrer is giving away cold hard cash and weaponry as part of a week long promotion celebrating the launch of The Castle Doctrine, his MMO strategy game about burglary and defense.

The fold-up club. Slick, stylish and deadly.

Since The Castle Doctrine launches on 29th January for PC, Mac and Linux, Rohrer wants to reward alpha players by running this promotion between now and Tuesday, 28th January at 1am GMT.

Here's how it works: However much money you have in the game when the contest ends will be converted into real world dollars. Since Rohrer is putting in a total of up to $3000, the in-game currency-to-dollars ratio will fluctuate. Currently it's at $146 in game equaling $1 in the real world.

Additionally, the top eight players will receive two prizes. One of these is a 20x20 inch giclee-printed canvas depicting their favorite in-game painting. The catch is it needs to be a painting in their possession when the bell strikes 1am, so if you think you're going to be a top-ranked player you'd best snag some art you like.

More excitingly, the first-place player will receive Jason Rohrer's dog club. Yes, an actual dog club that Rohrer picked up after his pregnant wife was attacked by a canine while simply walking down the street. "Own the club that started it all. A heartwarming souvenir from Las Cruces, New Mexico," Rohrer wrote on the game's official site where he noted that it was never actually used on a dog. "Way safer than a gun! Much harder to commit suicide with. More compact than a golf club, which was actually the anti-dog tool of choice in Cruces."

Rohrer further explained that it's 26 inches extended, 10 inches folded up, and weighs over one pound. Unfortunately, it can't be shipped outside the US or in California, New York, Washington DC, or Maryland, where clubs are illegal.

The second - fifth place players will receive a Door Devil security device that makes your door that much harder to bash in. It includes a free yard sign, too.

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Sixth - eight place players will receive a $50 gift certificate to Las Cruces-based gun shop, Custom Cartridge Company. Sadly this won't be enough to buy a gun and will only be relevant to a tiny fraction of players, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Rohrer recently made waves by suggesting that sales "screw your fans." As such, The Castle Doctrine will only go up in price. It's $8 for the alpha, will be $12 during its launch week, then $16 for the rest of its existence.

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