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The brilliant Tunic finally has a release date

Outfox yourself next year.

After more than six years of development, Tunic, the indie adventure game starring an adorable fox, finally has a release date.

As announced tonight during The Game Awards, Tunic will arrive for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on 16th March. There's no word yet of its PlayStation arrival.

An isometric Zelda-like set in a world where its foxy hero does not belong, Tunic leans heavily into player exploration and lets you discover mechanics and items organically, at your own pace and with no hand-holding whatsoever.

Back in July, I chatted with the Tunic team, including creator Andrew "Dicey" Shouldice, about the game's mammoth development and of its already burgeoning demo speedrun scene.

"The idea of a critical path kind of exists," said Tunic collaborator Kevin Regamey. "There's a certain route through the game which we expect the majority of players to take, just on average, but that is not at all the way you have to go... if people sequence-break, it still fits the in-universe lore as the world wasn't meant for you in the first place."

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