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The beautiful Townscaper is now available to try in your browser

House about that.

Townscaper, the lovely and relaxing city-builder toy, is now available to try for free in your browser window, no downloads required.

Oskar Stålberg, the creator of Townscaper and also Bad North, announced the browser-based demo via Twitter this afternoon.

You can find the demo over at oskarstalberg.com/Townscaper

Cover image for YouTube videoTownscaper Gameplay

I spent a few minutes building my own colourful seaside village - it's a simple but intriguing little toy, with a gorgeous style pitched somewhere between Mario Sunshine's Delphino Plaza and Pixar's Luca.

"This is an art toy to savour, and a time-waster of great power," our Chris Donlan said in Eurogamer's Townscaper review.

Give it a go! You've got no reason not to.