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Tetris Effect dev's chaotic crowd puzzler Humanity out in May on PlayStation, PC

Demo available now.

Tokyo game studio THA, in conjunction with Tetris Effect developer Enhance, is releasing its long-in-the-works PlayStation 5, PS4, and PC crowd puzzler Humanity in May.

THA first started showcasing Humanity back in 2017, and it was re-announced, this time with ties to Enhance, two years later for an anticipated 2020 release on PlayStation 4/PSVR.

That obviously never came to pass, and now Humanity has been given a fresh airing during PlayStation's latest State of Play livestream. It looks as dazzlingly chaotic as ever, as players - in the role of a Shiba Inu - shepherd huge crowds of purposeless people at the end of the world.

Humanity - Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Using a simple "woof", players can choose which direction these vast crowds move, make them jump, float, or even fight enemies, as they navigate Trials packed with traps and obstacles - the action eventually escalating into a full-scale battle with a group of people known as the Others.

"Overcoming Trials and successfully leading the people can require deep thought, or sharp reflexes, or often a combination of both, THA explains in a new PlayStation Blog posts. "Dealing with these giant crowds organically, in real-time, is one of the most interesting and satisfying parts of playing Humanity."

Alongside its campaign, Humanity includes a stage creator - enabling players to build their own levels and share them online - and there's also VR support. The full game launches for PS4, PS5, and PC in May, and a demo is available now on the PlayStation Store and Steam.