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Terraria: Otherworld has Tower Defense

Set up Wartowers to push back the Corruption.

Terraria: Otherword, the next game in the popular sandbox series, is built around Tower Defense.

Developer Re-Logic said players need to defend what are called Purifying Towers with customisable Wartowers. Setting up these Wartowers means you can defend Purifying Towers without being near them.

While Otherworld, like its predecessor, will be about exploring, gathering and building, the main objective is to return the world to its pristine form by pushing back the Corruption. So, you'll spend much of your time finding, crafting then activating Purifying Towers.

"We want to stress the fact that though this is a more structured approach, we are absolutely trying to retain as much player freedom as possible," Re-Logic said in a post on the Terraria forum.

There is a core story, but you're not forced to complete set objectives. "Free exploration within the sandbox is still a key element of this game, and embraces the Terraria spirit of 'approach a challenge in your own unique way'," Re-Logic said.

Development on the PC and Mac versions is underway for a 2015 release ("We will absolutely not be participating in an Early Access program"). It sounds like Re-Logic will self-publish PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, too.

Check out the latest gameplay video below.

Cover image for YouTube videoTerraria: Otherworld - GDC 2015 Trailer