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Tengami slips to later this year

Dev still has a "fair amount" of work to do.

2D point-and-click origami-based adventure Tengami will release later this year, UK indie developer Nyamyam has announced.

The game had been expected this summer.

Nyamyam co-founder Jennifer Schneidereit said Tengami is definitely coming out this year, but the team still has a "fair amount" of work to do.

"We are sorry for making you wait so long, but we have spent almost three years on Tengami now and want to keep working on it until we feel it is ready," Schneidereit wrote on the Nyamyam website.

The plan is to release the iOS version first, then, shortly after, the Wii U, PC and Mac versions.

"More platforms are possible, but we have our hands full with these four for now," Schneidereit continued, before calling on gamers to suggest other platforms to the developer on its website.

"Phil [Tossell] is doing some initial work on Tengami's Wii U version, while Ryo [Agarie] and I are finishing off the ocean level. After that we want to make one more level, which will make for a total of three levels in the final game."

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