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T2: Grand Theft Auto IV sold 20 million

NBA 2K11, Borderlands 4 million.

GTAIV is the second best-selling Grand Theft Auto game ever, Take-Two has announced.

The fourth instalment, released April 2008, has now sold 20 million copies worldwide. GTA: San Andreas leads with 21.5 million sales (as of April 2008).

The entire GTA franchise has sold 70 million units as of April 29th, 2008. That figure didn't include GTAIV, which means the series will have tipped over the 90 million mark now.

The GTAIV numbers come from a Wedbush Morgan presentation published online.

Last year Take-Two turned a profit without Grand Theft Auto - a feat worth shouting about, over and over again. The enabler of all this was Red Dead Redemption, a wild west cowboy game, which has now sold 8 million copies.

Take-Two went on to note 4 million sales of NBA 2K11, a game gifted a year free of a rival when EA withdrew NBA Elite 11.

Borderlands has also been a success, the franchise (all versions of the game) selling 4 million copies.

No other games were singled out - the chatter instead turning to franchises: Midnight Club has sold 18 million copies; Civilization 10 million, BioShock 8 million, Max Payne 7 million, Mafia 5 million and Carnival 4 million.

The next big thing from Rockstar and Take-Two is L.A. Noire, an impressively motion-captured, openworld detective game due May.

Take-Two also has Duke Nukem Forever, The Darkness II, BioShock Infinite, X-COM, Spec Ops: The Line, Top Spin 4, Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do and Major League Baseball 2K11.

Judging by the above sales, new instalments in the Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead and Borderlands franchises are also likely. Rumours are already circulating about Grand Theft Auto V, the cast of which appeared to be leaked earlier this week. Could Rockstar be planning an E3 reveal?

Will L.A. Noire become another Rockstar best seller?