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SWTOR Game Update 1.2 tomorrow: patch notes, maintenance timing

Ranked Warzones! Customisable UI! New world boss!

Beefy SWTOR Game Update 1.2, named Legacy, arrives tomorrow, 12th April.

The headline attraction is the now realised Legacy system, which allows an account's characters to be linked via a family tree, regardless of faction, race and class. And doing so bestows various benefits.

Game Update 1.2 also brings more high level content in the shape of a Flashpoint (dungeon), Operation (raid) and Warzone (PVP battleground). There are also new Crew Skills to collect, a new level 50 world boss to fight, guild banks, customisable UI, ranked Warzones, repeatable high-level daily missions and a new tier of PVE and PVP gear.

On top of that are the myriad class changes and game alterations you can delve into by reading the full Game Update 1.2 Legacy patch notes on the SWTOR forum.

SWTOR servers will be taken down for eight hours tomorrow while Game Update 1.2 is rolled out.

Servers will be down from 6am to 2pm BST in the UK. Regional timings are given on the SWTOR community site.

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