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Surgeon Simulator dev's I Am Fish prototype being turned into a full game

Out next year after Surgeon Simulator 2.

Last October, Bossa Studios, the developer behind the likes of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, released three animal-themed prototypes into the wild; as requested, the public gave feedback on their favourites and it's now official: I Am Fish is being turned into a full game.

I Am Fish, which fought off stiff competition from the self-explanatory Pigeon Simulator and fox-based driving game Trash Bandits, casts players as a fearless goldfish, who must navigate "traps, trials, and tribulations" as they attempt to make their way back to the ocean.

"What separated I Am Fish from its companions," says Bossa of the big win, "was the passion players had for their little fish's journey and their enthusiasm about what a full game could be. We loved seeing all the clever tricks people used to complete the levels in ways we didn't expect and we were swept away by all the tales of pain and joy that happened along the way."

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Those yet to experience the "physics platforming and control-scheme-battling" of I Am Fish can still download the prototype from Bossa's website - and players can bowl-roll their way through a newly added second level from today, in celebration of the game's shift into full production.

I Am Fish is expected to launch in its full-fat guise some time next year, following the release of Surgeon Simulator 2, and Bossa teases that players will also be hearing more about Pigeon Simulator and Trash Bandits "eventually".