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Surgeon Simulator dev launching three free prototypes, wants to know which to make next

Fish! Pigeons! Foxes!

Bossa Studios, the developer behind the likes of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, will be launching three free animal-themed game prototypes later this week, in a bid to canvas the masses and decide which one to make next.

From Wednesday, 30th October, three prototypes - Pigeon Simulator, I Am Fish, and Trash Bandits - will be available to download, and Bossa has offered a swift summary of each.

Pigeon Simulator, for instance, is a solo and local co-op affair, pitched as a "talon-biting survival of the featheriest". Here, players - adopting the guise of the titular avian nuisances - must survive for as long as possible against an extermination squad.

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Trash Bandits, meanwhile, is a local co-op effort in which players, this time cast as garbage-collecting foxes, must race from pick-up spot to pick-up spot, amassing the most rubbish.

Last up is the "ludicrously difficult, dangerously addictive" I Am Fish. This one sees players taking on the mantle of a fearless goldfish, navigating "traps, trials, and tribulations" as they attempt to make their way back to the ocean.

You'll find a brief glimpse of all three prototypes in the announcement video above. Those looking for more information can watch Bossa's Twitch livestream this Wednesday at 3pm GMT, which will feature developer interviews and additional gameplay footage.

All three games will be available to download via the Bossa Presents website from 30th October until 28th November, and those that do so are encouraged to provide feedback on each. This, says Bossa, will help it determine which prototype will be developed into a full-scale release.

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