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Supremacy MMA UK release date

Pre-order to secure strip club DLC.

Punchy arcade brawler Supremacy MMA has landed a UK launch date of 23rd September.

Four pre-order DLC packages will be available from different retailers containing new fighters and locations - including a strip club just for women.

Kung Fu Factory's Supremacy MMA has made much of the fact it features female fighters as well as men. HMV headlines the pre-order DLC options with strip club fight scene The Glass Slipper.

"Get down and dirty and put a show on for the ladies in the raciest locale an MMA game has ever seen. No gentlemen allowed," states the press release.

Play.com customers can play in the Slaughter House - it's a ring featuring meat grinders. Game gets Shane Del Rosario, an undefeated Muay Thai fighter, while Amazon orders come with Bao Quach, a Vietnamese-American featherweight.

Developer Kung Fu Factory aims to launch Supremacy MMA in a quiet patch on the fighting release schedule, avoiding a head-to-head clash with any direct competitor.

"There's a huge opening in the market with no retail fighting games, and specifically no MMA games, hitting this fall," Supremacy MMA's creative director Ricci Rukavina said.

Last year UFC Undisputed 2010 launched in May, while seasoned series WWE SmackDown vs. Raw and underdog EA Sports MMA clashed in the autumn - leading to the latter being declared "dead on arrival".

Supremacy MMA female fight footage.