Supremacy MMA

Out This Week - 23/09/11

Gears 3! F1! Resi 4 HD!

It's here, the Eurogamer Expo 2011, our fourth and biggest year so far. We've taken all your feedback from the past three years, and our experience, and come up with a show we want to go to. Tickets have basically gone (there are scraps so be quick), and we're all wibbly-wobbly at the knees to see first hordes trample through the doors. You'll get extra marks for spotting me at the show and I may even kiss you.

505 suggests PS Vita out in UK in 2011

Supremacy MMA Vita out in the autumn.

Publisher 505 Games has announced that Supremacy MMA will launch on PlayStation Vita "this fall", suggesting Sony's PlayStation Portable successor will launch in the UK this year.

Supremacy MMA UK release date

Supremacy MMA UK release date

Pre-order to secure strip club DLC.

Punchy arcade brawler Supremacy MMA has landed a UK launch date of 23rd September.

Four pre-order DLC packages will be available from different retailers containing new fighters and locations - including a strip club just for women.

Kung Fu Factory's Supremacy MMA has made much of the fact it features female fighters as well as men. HMV headlines the pre-order DLC options with strip club fight scene The Glass Slipper.

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MMA Supremacy

Shove affair.

The line between fighting sim and arcade fighter is easy to discern. In the red corner you have the Street Fighters and the Tekkens, with their hadoukens and golems. In the blue corner you'll find the realistic mix of manoeuvres and physics boasted by the Fight Nights and the Undisputed. There's rarely any crossover.