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Supremacy MMA has women fighters

Beat that, EA's MMA and THQ's UFC.

THQ's UFC series might have momentum and EA's MMA series might have serious clout - but 505's Supremacy MMA has got women.

Yes, female fighters - a first for an MMA videogame, apparently.

Real-life scrappers Felice "Lil Dog" Herrig and Michele "Diablita" Gutierrez have been recreated for the game. They're less about giant boobs and skimpy costumes than taut and sinewy frames, appropriate garb and loads of blood.

Herrig said being included was "a dream come true". "This is our chance to finally show gamers that female fighters can hold their own." Gutierrez summed the news up as "definitely awesome".

Eurogamer's fighting game expert Matt Edwards strapped on the pads to look at newcomer Supermacy MMA earlier this year.

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Supremacy MMA

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