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Super Nintendo World now opens spring 2021 at Universal Studios Japan

Pancake shop open next week.

Universal Studios Japan will now open its Super Nintendo World area in spring 2021.

The Mario-themed area was ready to go this summer, in time for Tokyo to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, before both were postponed due to the ongoing global health crisis.

Super Nintendo World includes areas themed around Princess Peach's Castle and Bowser's Castle, with giant warp pipes, mushrooms and floating clouds. There are rides themed around Yoshi and Mario Kart, and an electronic wristband which tracks your progress via a free app as you explore.

To keep Universal Studios Japan attendees going until then, a Mario-themed pancake shop will open in the park next Friday, 16th October.

Here are pictures. I am now hungry.

Japan's Olympic minister recently said that the rescheduled Tokyo Olympic Games must be held in 2021 "at any cost".

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